When the new year begins I like to set an intention for the year, a mantra that I can come back to when life feels overwhelming. Last year was The Year of Radical Self-Acceptance. I vowed to accept myself in every capacity last year. When I found I was comparing myself to other people, I gently reminded myself that I dedicated that entire year to accepting myself and giving myself grace for where I was. It was tricky. I had to constantly remind myself that life is not a competition and we’re all here doing the best we can. There’s no way of ever knowing anyone’s full story and what they have gone through or are going through on a daily basis.

With the new year beginning, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want my mantra to be. While I was making my vision board for the year, I stumbled upon some washi tape that said, “find the good.” That’s it, I had thought to myself. 2023 will be the year of finding the good.

Later that week, I was taking a restorative yoga class and was deep in a meditative state when the instructor told everyone she was going to say some affirmations and we could internally repeat them if we liked. Her first affirmation was something along the lines of, “I am open to receiving the good in my life.” Chills shot up and down my spine before I repeated her words in my head.

I am open to receiving the good in my life.

There are already so many beautiful things in my life, wonderful people, incredible opportunities, delicious food, travel plans, movement routines, and so much more. I realized I don’t need to go on this quest to find good things instead I need to focus on slowing down and receiving those good things. I need to allow myself to know in my core that I deserve all the good the world has to offer.

So, this is my year of receiving the good. No matter the situation or the circumstances, this year I’m allowing myself to stay open and receive the good.

2023, I’m ready for you.