I’m doing a lot of traveling this month and have found myself inevitably deviating from my supportive eating habits.

Eating supportive foods while traveling can be difficult.. to say the least. Sometimes it feels scary to deviate from the norm of our routines and it’s easy to fall out of the healthy habits we’ve so carefully cultivated in our typical routines.

But the whole point of traveling is to break free of these very routines, to remember that the world is way larger than our everyday relatives we’ve so carefully created.

While eating on vacation, I like to keep these tips in mind

1️⃣ Eat lots of veggies

You can still eat that pasta dish, but make sure you’re eating enough vegetables as well. Vegetables help our digestive system function, keeps our skin clear, and provides lots of nutrients. Even if you’re splurging on something tasty, don’t skip the veggies!!

2️⃣ Load up on the protein

Protein keeps you full & satisfied. It’s by far the most important macronutrient – in my opinion. Load up on fish, chicken, or any other protein of your preference.

3️⃣ Share an entree / Plan for leftovers

Most restaurants typically serve 3/4 times the needed serving size – know this before your meal begins and make a plan! Whether this is sharing your entree with someone you’re traveling with or asking for a box for at least of the meal. Eating 2/3 times what you actually need is just going have you leaving the table feeling bloated and possibly sick.

4️⃣ Enjoy yourself!

Vacation should be enjoyable! Not a time when you’re focusing on counting macros or calories. Follow these tips & tricks when eating out on vacation but remember that your healthy habits are always waiting for you back at home.