My rugby team is currently doing “Team Tuesdays” where we meet up on Tuesdays and do something fun as a team. This past Tuesday my teammates asked me if I wanted to guide them through a yoga flow in the park – since I’m getting certified to teach yoga. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should teach a class because I don’t have the certification yet, but then I thought about how casual and fun this opportunity would be. I decided to do it. After all, I’m only a month away from leaving for Montana for my two week immersive yoga teacher training.

I wrote a yoga flow the day before and took myself through it a couple times before taking a friend through it. I felt pretty confident about it and was excited to take my teammates through it.

On Tuesday when it was time for yoga, I walked to the park. I was only a little nervous, but mostly excited.

When I got to the park, there was a soccer practice, handball practice, and ultimate frisbee game going on. We claimed a spot in the shade and got settled. Six people total came out and they were all people I felt very comfortable around. It was the perfect scenario to teach my first class. I feel so grateful for the opportunity; so grateful for my teammates that trusted me to guide them through a flow; so grateful I trusted myself to take a leap before I felt entirely ready.

I’ve been feeling really grateful these days. Life is really sweet and it’s only getting better.

When I complete my 200 hr certification I’m planning on having yoga in the park on regularly. I think it’ll be a great way to make yoga really fun and casual. It’s warm out so it’ll be nice to just be outside. Onward and namaste.