It’s been four months since I’ve launched my health coaching business. It’s been such an incredible journey. I became a health coach because I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others to find sustainable healthy habits that work for them. I had no idea that launching a health coaching business was going to require so many things hats aren’t coaching. I have to market, keep my schedule organized, create forms, budget, and so much more I didn’t realize when I first began this entrepreneurial journey. I just wanted to help people with their health.

I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy. It hasn’t been. Running a business is not easy. But it has been worth every single obstacle. Watching my clients transform sleeping, eating, and living habits is so rewarding. It is so encouraging to witness that we can truly do anything we set our minds to. We’re such an adaptable species.

Below are some testimonies from clients I’ve worked with. Each individual is on their own journey, their own path to what they consider optimal health, but they’re all the same in the sense that they wanted to feel better. They wanted to take steps to feel like the healthiest, best versions of themselves.

My ten week metabolism program is just the tip of the iceberg in achieving health, but I firmly believe it served each of these wonderful clients in the ways they needed most. I was so honored that they all trusted me to work with them and guide them towards health.

Here’s some kind words they left me with at the end of the program:

I believe that being healthy is about much more than dropping numbers on a scale. It’s about your energy levels, your sleeping habits, how your hunger shows up, and how it feels to move your body.

I take a positive approach with my clients by celebrating their wins. These small victories, become habit changes that align over time to make a big difference in quality of life.

Taking control of your health is no easy feat, but it really doesn’t have to be as complicated as we often make it. Through intuitive eating, I can help you reset your metabolism. If you’re interested in working with me, I offer a free 20 minutes no obligation discovery call. Let’s chat 🙂