Let’s talk about metabolic flexibility

I’m going to use the analogy of fires

🔥Fire number one burns twigs, leave, and brush. These things don’t burn very long & you basically have to be on standby to refuel your fire. This fire represents your body when it’s running on sugar, glucose, and carbs.

🔥 Fire number two burns big logs. These things will burn for a very long time and you won’t have to keep too close an eye on them. This fire represents your body in ketosis.

🔥 Fire number three burns leaves, twigs, brush, and logs. These are sustainable fuel burning resources. This fire represents your body when it’s metabolically flexible.

I’m getting ready to launch my ten week metabolism reset program. In the program I will teach you how to become metabolically flexible to burn different fuel sources and to say goodbye to HANGER.

I’m only opening a couple of spots so don’t hesitate to reach out if this is sounds beneficial for you!