My grandpa has personalized ringtones for everyone that calls him. When his phone rings, he can immediately tell who’s calling him by what song starts playing. The song that starts playing when I call him is “All I do is Win” by DJ Khaled. When I asked him why he chose that song for me, he simply stated, “you’re a winner!”

Since I’ve been working diligently on a mindset shift, I learned that life truly is 20% what happens to us and 80% how we respond to it. One tactic my business coach suggested to manifest success was to celebrate every single win throughout the day, so I started celebrating my wins like it was my full-time job. When something good happens, I will literally say aloud, “That’s a W, baby!”

Front row parking at my yoga studio? THAT’S A WIN!

Got to work on time without experiencing any road rage? WIN!

Had enough time in the day to complete my to do list? W, BABY!

Three client signed up for my program on the first week of my launch? W! W! W!

The idea behind this is that once you start celebrating your wins, more wins starting coming to you! And winning, let’s be honest, feels really good. Everybody loves to win, and no matter how big or small the win is, celebrate! Rejoice that you successfully drank a whole cup of coffee without spilling it on your favorite shirt or that you read two chapters in your book before you had any distractions.

Recognize the good things in your life and more good things will show up in your life.