Last year I wrote the post The Year of Being Gentle and vowed to be gentle with myself all year, to trust the process, to accept myself right where I am. I will admit, it wasn’t always easy to shush my inner critic, sometimes I let that little pest ramble on and get me down. But being gentle with myself was something I kept returning to. After all, we will always be our own worst critics, we will always judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else will, and we will always say the most negative things about ourselves.

I was thinking about what I wanted this next year, 2022, to be about. Do I want another year of being gentle? Of course. But I also want to constantly evolve and expand. So while 2022 will be another year of gentleness, it’s also going to be The Year of Radical Self-Acceptance. Accepting where I am, how things are, and the work that must go into getting where I want to be. 2022 will be the year I aim to accept everything about myself, the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it. No more shying away from myself, from my goals, my dreams, or my aspirations. Only pure, blissful radical self-acceptance.