Hi everyone! 

I guess this is a good of time as ever to introduce myself and my health coaching business, Intentional Living.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Kelsie. I’m in my twenties, navigating my way to a fulfilling life of intention and health. 

I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness, but in the past year, living alone during a pandemic and struggling with anxiety and depression, I learned that health is much more than the physicality of my body. Even though, I was spending an hour a day in a gym, I realized I was very unhealthy. 

So, I got curious how the food I was putting into my body was impacting my mental state. Turns out, the gut controls the brain. 

What does that really mean? Well, when we’re eating greasy, processed food our bodies go into this protective mode for short term survival to digest all these processed ingredients. It’s under a lot of stress to digest this Frankenfood and pull nutrients from it. 

In the midst of all my research, I stumbled upon the infamous blog Mark’s Daily Apple. This ancestral approach to health wasn’t entirely new to me, but I had no idea just how big the community really was. I spent hours reading posts on the blog, and really didn’t even make a dent in all the content on there. 

Shortly after, I decided I wanted to implement a primal lifestyle. I worked to cut out processed foods, foods with ADDED sugars, and even grains. 

It took a couple of weeks, I’ll never claim to be perfect, but once I had cleared these toxins from my body, my energy surged. I felt more clear headed than I can ever remember, I was losing body fat – without spending extra time working out, and, the best part, I noticed I felt significantly less anxiety throughout my days. 

I wondered, if I could make these improvements for myself, then who else could I help? 

So I enrolled in the primal health coach institute to get my certification to become a health coach. 

It’s been a fun journey. I’ve learned so much about ancestral health and how to implement it into my hectic, modern life. And I know this is only the beginning. 

In just a few short weeks, I grading with my certification and I will be launching my 12 week coaching program! In this program I will be helping individuals transform their lives through nutrition, movement, and routines. Spots will be limited, so be sure to reach out if you’re interested in this! 

Here’s my website if you want to check it out: 


I hope everyone has a beautiful day. 

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