I recently joined a “business boot camp for health coaches” and it’s been a really wonderful experience. I’ve learned so much about launching and running a health coaching business. I feel really empowered and energized, and I have so many creative ideas I want to run with. But of course, I’m being realistic and tackling things one by one.

My biggest take away from day one of the bootcamp was that I had to get really clear about my niche, the type of client I want to work with. Of course, I had read this before in my program and loosely defined my niche as “women who want to get healthier”. How vague is that? So I made myself get really specific and came up with my niche as full-time working women that want to increase their levels of movement and eat more whole-nutrient dense foods.

I knew that in order to attract my ideal clients to my business, I had to market directly to them. So I asked myself what challenges these clients run into daily and how I can offer a solution.

I thought about how important it is to me to always have healthy snacks on standby and to meal prep to take the hassle out of scrambling for lunch everyday.

And just yesterday right after my bootcamp, while I was running around doing my day job, I found myself absolutely famished. I was so tempted to go to Starbucks and get a cold brew with sweet cream and a piece of warm banana bread. It sounded so delicious my mouth was basically watering. But I didn’t need all that sugar, all that influx of glucose my body would certainly produce. And wasn’t this the sort of thing that I going to be asking my clients to avoid doing?

So, thankfully, since I know myself all too well and know exactly how I get when I am hungry, I had packed some blueberry nutty protein bites I made. They’re absolutely delicious! They’re so convenient and they are even really simple to make. All you need is food processor and these ingredients:

I shoveled one into my mouth and took a sip of my water.

Preparation might be inconvenient in the moment, but I truly believe it’s a powerful act of self-care that is essential for staying aligned with goals.