For my meal prep this week, I decided to try the salad in a jar trend that is always circulating the internet. It seemed really convenient and simple.

To start out, you’re going to need jars. I found a pack of a dozen for pretty cheap at a Krogers. I imagine they’re widely available at most grocery stores.

The next step is deciding what dressing you’re going to fill the bottom of the jar with. I was browsing the different dressings at the grocery store and I was very irritated at how much sugar was in every bottle. So, I decided to make my own dressing and it was actually really simple.

I found this recipe online:

Red Wine Vinaigrette

I thought it was really tasty and simple to make. I will definitely continue to make my own salad dressing.

Next, I knew I wanted to load each jar with as many veggies as possible. I began by cutting peppers from my grandparent’s garden. They had just given me a load of them and I figured this was the best way to make sure none of them went to waste. So, I chopped them all up and dumped them into my jars on top of my homemade salad dressing.

Then, I chopped mushrooms and tomatoes to add to the jar. I decided to add some blueberries and some tuna. Next, I boiled eggs and cut them up to the add to the jars. And last, but not least, I stuffed as much spinach as would fit into the jars.

When each jar was full, I put the lids on and put them into my fridge so they were ready to pull out everyday for my lunches.

The prep was really simple and you can add whatever you like into these salads. The most important thing to remember is to not let your leafy greens soak in your dressing, but it’s okay for most other veggies to marinate in dressing.

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