Meal prepping is one of the most effective, time-saving, health-promoting, routines I have currently. Cooking my food ahead of time allows me to easily stick to my nutrition goals.

This week, for my lunches, I prepped a quick, easy, and healthy salmon dish.

I typically get all my groceries from Aldi, Kroger, Walmart, or Publix. This week my food came from Kroger.

First, I cooked my salmon since it takes the longest.

This is the brand I got from Kroger. It comes frozen and has thawing and cooking instructions on the bag. It’s perfect for a good source of protein and healthy fats.

I cooked my salmon in the oven for about 14 minutes at 400 degrees. I usually season my salmon with garlic and Rosemary.

Next, I cooked my veggies. I found this pre-prepped stir fry which cuts down on even more time in the kitchen. My only complaint about this was there was no serving size on the package so I just portioned out 2/3 of a cup per meal. Be sure to check for serving sizes on everything you buy.

I added a generous amount of salt, pepper, and rosemary to my pan while it was cooking. Feel free to get creative with your seasonings.

Once my veggies were going on the stove, I added a generous amount of spinach into the pan for extra greens.

For additional sustenance, I got cauliflower rice in a bag. You just pop it in the microwave and it’s done in about a minute and a half. I typically split one bag between two meals. You don’t need to cook the rice until you’re ready to eat it. I just take the bags as part of my lunch.

Total prep time for six meals, with cooking, portioning, and cleaning was a little over an hour.

Here’s my finished product:

This was a really simple prep and has taken the hassle out of not knowing what I’m going to eat for lunch everyday this week.

Want to know more about meal prepping? Check out Five reasons you should meal prep and stay tuned for more quick, easy prep recipes.