I can’t believe the summer is wrapping up. Time flies by so quickly. Seasons come and go just like that. I’m trying to stay present and enjoy things as they are because I know they won’t stay like this for long.

Here’s what my July looked like:

For our end of season celebration, our rugby team went camping and kayaking! It was so fun to get outside and bond with my teammates. We had an awesome time.

Made myself some spaghetti. I’ve been eating a lot less meat these days. These meat balls are actually meatless and they were so delicious.

Another Opryland picture. It was such a fun time exploring the hotel with family all week. I wrote a whole post about it here.

Mom, brother, and Taylor exploring the hotel and spending quality time together.

I got an Amazon gift card from my job as a bonus. I invested in essential oils, a diffuser, and some things to make some yoga mat spray – stay tuned for my post on that.

I read this entire book in an hour – it’s short, but there was so much wisdom in it. I highly recommend. Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite authors.

Pitch A Tent 2021 aka the best rugby tournament ever. Our theme was the “All Props” hints the propellers.

An in-action rugby shot. I can’t believe how tan I look.

Pint night with the team at our sponsor brewery! We even watched the rugby olympics together after this.

I wish I could take credit and say I made this, but I definitely didn’t. It was delicious.

Onward we go.