My sweet, snuggly kitty.

A lovely book of poetry, drawings, prose, and encouragement. Since its summertime, Heisy likes to spend nearly all day outside. She’s basically a street-cat.

Backyard views. New construction is up, but no new neighbors… yet.

Also, I got a pool.

Porch hangs with my sassy girl

Some of my June reads. These have kept me entertained. I even did a book review on one of them.

Taco Tuesday – maybe it was a Wednesday – with my sweet mom.

Backporch views. With the new construction in my backyard, my future neighbors will be close.

I joined a new yoga studio this month & it’s so cute! It’s an industrial space and it has lots of plants. I’ve really been enjoying it so far. Yoga has become essential for my mental health and my physical body.