The world is a weird place. It’s always moving, always flowing. There’s beauty in everything – if you take the time to slow down and look for it and then there’s something ugly hiding behind every corner, if you choose to acknowledge it. People can be kind and people can be cruel – all depending on how they were raised and the current situation they’re experiencing.

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There will be days when sunshine hits your face and the warmth awakes every cell in your body and you’re thankful you’re here, living in this moment, getting to experience this great big adventure that you’re on – even if it’s just a Tuesday and all you’re doing is coming from the grocery store.

Then there will be days when you spill your morning coffee in your lap, scalding your legs and soaking your clothes, and in desperation to clean up the mess you will stub your toe and it will be unreasonable how painful it is. You might swear under your breath and wonder what you did to cause such a series of unfortunate events to unfold.

Then there will be all the days in between. The days that swim by you where nothing significant nor tragic occurs at all. You will simply just be living and doing all the things it takes to survive. Those sort of days will undoubtedly chalk up a large percentage of your life – the ones that you’re barely sure even happened.

It’s important to fill those days with love, light, beauty, and grace.

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Like snuggling with your kitty in the morning as she yawns, sleep still in her soft green eyes, and rolls over on her back, exposing her soft fluffy belly.

Like sharing a delicious meal with people you care about. Chatting nonstop until the food is ready and enjoying every bite so much you don’t look up from your plate until every last bite is settling in the bottom of your stomach.

Like being submerged in a good book, feeling like you’ve morphed into one being with the main character because you’re now so invested in their reality and you can’t possibly sit the book down until you’ve consumed it entirely.

Like going on a hike somewhere, surrounded by luscious greens and the melodies of the critters that inhabit the area, completely unplugged from your reality.

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All we really know is that we’re not here very long. Our days are limited and we only have so much time to make magic.