They say animals take the personality of their owners. So why am I surprised that my cat is indecisive?

Most mornings she wakes me up purring on my feet,”wake up, mom!” Or she will sit in my doorway yelling that she’s ready to go outside to play in the grass or taunt the birds and squirrels that are our neighbors.

This morning, my alarm went off before she could do either. Maybe it was because the gray, dreary sky didn’t light up my room or maybe she just wanted a little extra time snuggling on my legs.

I hit snooze on my alarm and watched as she slowly blinked her sleepy eyes open. I listened as the rain pattered against my window and I wondered how long I could snooze my alarm this morning, not entirely ready to take on the day.

But she had other plans and decided it was time to get up. So she yawned, stretched, and hopped onto the floor to bathe herself while she waited for me to drag myself outta bed.

As I brewed my coffee, she sat by the backdoor, meowing to let me know she was ready to go outside. I watched as rain drizzled from the sky, knowing she wouldn’t like the damp ground and the moisture lingering in the air. I ignored her as I popped my bagel into the toaster, but she was persistent. Where did she get that from??

So rain and all, I let her out, knowing she wouldn’t leave the covering of the porch, but still wanting to give her the freedom of choosing. Within ten minutes, she laid down on the doormat and eyed me while I began my morning routine.

Another five minutes passed and she began meowing at me from the other side of the door. So needy, I thought. Surely she didn’t get that from me. Apparently, she had enough of the rainy morning and was ready to come back into the cool, dry house.

I ignored her, my way of saying, “I told you so.” But the rain picked up and the wind blew harder and I felt bad for the stubborn little rascal, so I let her in.

She took a short nap and when she woke up, she decided it was time to give the outside another chance this morning.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her and how indecisive she is. She does, after all, have a replica of my personality in a small, fluffy body with claws. I am jealous, though, that her toughest decisions are whether to nap all day or to chase birds and eat grass. If only we could all have it so simple.