April in Pictures

Spring is here. The sunshine lingers in the sky later and later each day. The air is beginning to hold more moisture – there’s nothing quite like humidity in the south. New growth is everywhere – the grass, the trees, the weeds, the plants. On any given day, you can drive down any street and see at least three lawn mowers going – the aroma of the fresh cut grass lingers in the air.

The long, gray winter is behind us – ending the most isolated period of time most of us have ever endured. The pandemic seems to be wrapping up – most people are fully vaccinated and the mask mandate has been lifted in a lot of places.

April was a busy month. I’ve been learned that this season of my life is teaching me how to work really, really hard and that I’ve gotta enjoy my own company.

Here’s my month in pictures:

My family went to Alabama for a little getaway trip. We had to stop by Dreamland and get some of the famous BBQ. It didn’t disappoint.

One of my favorite sushi rolls from a Japanese restaurant back in my hometown. Crispy Eel Roll.

I got furniture for my yard!! Since this picture, I’ve added some comfy blue cushions.

Three of my favorite things: books, plants, and my kitty.

Stumbled into this coffee shop one evening when I desperately needed some caffeine. Now it’s one of my favorite places. It’s a donation-based nonprofit and the people in there are always so friendly.

I’m growing sunflowers!!! I’m excited to watch these babies bloom this year. They’ve already grown so much since this picture and I can’t wait to see how much they blossom.

Found this cutie at Krogers. Had to have it.

My best friend’s surprise party!!! She had no idea I was going to make it into town – mainly because I told her I couldn’t make it into town. Seeing her shocked face as she walked in and saw everyone waiting to celebrate her was absolutely priceless.

A friendship that will certainly last a lifetime.

5 thoughts on “April in Pictures

  1. humoringthegoddess

    A great April! We are alike with many of your pictures. I love your library with the kitty. And the sushi. And the outdoor patio set. And the best friend! Life is good. I keep my goals simple and my heart open. That’s the best way to live!

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