What’s something irrational that you love doing?

For me, it’s tackling people to the ground – no pads, no helmet, just a mouthguard.

I found rugby back in college and it’s truly shaped me into the person I am. I remember a former coworker of mine played and I thought it was so badass. I was like, “please tell me more!”

Conveniently, her roommate had just gotten back from an eight-week rugby camp, so she had quite a bit to say about the sport. As she talked about rugby for almost an hour, her passion for the game was so evident, I knew I had to at least go to one practice – if nothing else, I just wanted to be friends with this confident chick.

So, I went to a practice and I never looked back. The confidence and mental strength I’ve developed from this sport are unlike anything else. Playing rugby is being surrounded by humans that simply want to uplift other humans.

The community is where I’ve made some of my strongest bonds and met some of the most incredible people. It’s the most accepting, welcoming, and safest community I’ve ever been a part of. There’s truly a place for everyone on a rugby team, no matter your size, height, athletic ability – there is a rugby position for you.

Covid, of course, prevented us from playing for quite a while. It was really devastating, but this past weekend, I got to play again! My team traveled down to Huntsville and got to play and social afterward! It was so much fun to be back doing something I enjoy so much, surrounded by people that love the sport just as much as I do.

My body, of course, was like, “REALLY?!? We’re doing this again?” The day after games, I feel like I’ve been run over, and I guess, in a sense, I have been. My neck, traps, and shoulders are sore for days. It hardly makes sense to crave such merciless activity, but rugby is BACK and I couldn’t be more excited.