I’ve wanted to review products on my blog for a while, to share some of the things I enjoy using and that have benefited me. I’ve decided to start by reviewing some of my favorite products that contain hemp oil.

Let’s get one thing straight. Hemp oil is not marijuana. Yes, hemp oil is found in marijuana but hemp oil itself is not marijuana. Hemp oil contains amounts of omega-6 and omega-3 fats – unsaturated fats that our bodies use to build proteins. Hemp oil also reduces stress and inflammation. It’s in a lot of everyday products nowadays.

I don’t actively seek out products that contain hemp oil, but I realized that some of my favorite, everyday essentials contain hemp oil.

Here’s links to some daily products I love that contain hemp oil:

Calming Hemp Cat Treats

I discovered these magical treats when I had to take my cat to the vet for a nasty cut on her stomach. She hates the vet – I think mostly because of other animals’ smells, but she had to be looked at. So I was browsing PetSmart, looking for something that would calm her down long enough for a vet to examine her sliced belly when I found these.

The vet trip went AMAZING! She let the vet examine her cut, no hissing, no scratching, no biting. I think she even purred when the vet picked her up and shaved some fur to examine the cut. I was shocked. My high-energy, sassy cat was completely chill.

Now these “treats” are part of our daily routine. I cut them up and mix them with tuna to get her to eat them, but she always eats them. I give them to her when she wants to go outside but can’t due to bad weather or it being nighttime. I give them to her when I have company over and I know she will feel anxious or overwhelmed. They’ve really helped calm her down and I will forever include these hemp seed bites in her diet.

Milk Makeup Mascara

My best friend got me hooked on this mascara almost two years ago. I will never use another mascara again. Sure, it’s a little more expensive than your typical drug store brand. But this mascara is well worth it. The hemp oil in it conditions my lashes and never makes them feel stiff and caked. If (when) I fall asleep with this mascara still on, it doesn’t leave huge black circles under my eyes that are impossible to wipe clean. Sure there are some black marks from it, but it’s really easy to wipe off.

Not to mention, my eyelashes have gotten longer and fuller since using this mascara. I frequently get compliments on my eyelashes and have been asked a couple of times if they’re real. I can’t recommend this product enough.

Face Primer – No more Red

I found this product browsing at Ulta one day. I needed a new primer and thought this would be a good one. I like it because not only does it have hemp oil in it to reduce puffiness on my face, but it is also green which combats redness. Sometimes after washing my face and immediately putting lotion it, my faces get red. This primer is amazing and very reasonably priced!

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