Last night I had horrible anxiety dreams.

At first, I was in this beautiful cottage on the beach, my family was there and it seemed as if we were on a vacation. For whatever reason, my sister decided she didn’t want to share a cottage with me. This would never be the case in real life. We have grown up sharing bedrooms and bathrooms and clothes and shoes and everything else under the sun. But for whatever reason, in this dream, she decided she would sleep in the cottage my brothers were sharing.

I remember there was a small creek by my cottage and I decided to get in and swim a little. While I was floating down the stream, I saw my mom frantically running along the bank, begging me to get out and come talk to her. I was shocked at how adamant she was, so I made my way to the edge of the creek, but for whatever reason, when I got there she was gone. I struggled to exit the creek, but I finally did. I’ve always been a strong swimmer, but there was a moment in this dream where I worried if the water would suck me under.

I sort of ran back to my cottage, looking for my family, but couldn’t find any of them. I did, however, meet a guy that was entirely covered in tattoos – face, neck, everything. He was trying to get me to go down this sort of rabbit hole, it felt like a deviation of Alice in Wonderland. But I didn’t trust him because every time I looked at his face, the colors and designs of his tattoos would change. It was quite disturbing.

I don’t remember much else before my alarm ripped me from my unconscious state. I did feel very off after the dream though, very disturbed, even though I’ve had far more violent, terrorizing dreams before. Something about not being able to reunite with my family in this dream really unsettled me.

But the sunshine was streaming through my windows, urging me to get up and start my day. I reluctantly obliged and trudged to my coffee pot. Anxiety coursed through me as I started my day.

My view during my sunrise yoga.

So I decided to do some yoga with my favorite YouTuber, Yoga with Adriene. Here’s the link to her sunrise yoga video I did:

I felt a lot better when I was done, not as tense or tight and slightly more relaxed.

Since I’m focusing on my Social Wellness: Week Two I decided to call both my mom and sister today to check on them and remind myself that they would never leave me in a creek. 🙂