It’s been a cold, productive, and enjoyable month. I’m hesitant to say 2021 is going to be a great year because I don’t want to jinx anything, but I have felt hopeful this month. Hopeful for more growth, stability, and healthy relationships.

Here’s some highlights and memorable moments from January.

My cat loves to soak up the sunshine. She’s so cute I want to just squeeze her. Taken in Nashville, TN.
Doing a little cleaning. I love to soak up the sunshine too. Taken in Nashville, TN.
One of the books I read this month. Really great wisdom and advice in here. Taken in Nashville, TN.
A friend sent me this to help me learn the different areas in Nashville. This city is overwhelmingly large. Obviously taken in Nashville, TN.
On this day I had not one BUT TWO flat tires. It was a chaotic day. Taken in Nashville, TN.
I bought a grill!! Still trying to get the hang of the charcoal method, but with everything I cook, I improve a little more. Taken in Nashville, TN.
Cracker Barrel with friends. I love when my Chattanooga friends meet my Nashville friends. Colliding of worlds. Taken in Nashville, TN.
Dope live bluegrass music at brunch. Taken in Nashville, TN.
The view from my gym’s parking lot. Right downtown! Taken in Nashville, TN.
My Uber the other night. Dude was hype! Taken in Nashville, Tn.

This week will mark six months that I have been living in Nashville. I’m shocked at how quickly time passes and how much can change in just half of a year.