So, I graduated college last week. Technically. I didn’t get to have my ceremony because of COVID-19. But, I did it, I finished my Bachelor’s degree. I’m really proud of myself and excited to close this chapter of my life and see what the next chapter holds. Excited and honestly quite terrified.

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Entering the job market is nerve racking, even under normal circumstances, but during a pandemic? It seems like the worst timing possible to be searching for a “big girl job”.

The future is uncertain, no matter what, but especially now thanks to this virus. I can’t help but ask myself, so what’s next? Even though I know that there really is no way to plan during this hectic time.

So here’s to the uncertainity of the future and taking life one day at a time, doing the best I can in the moment and mentally preparing myself for any opportunites that may arise.

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Stay safe & healthy!