If you asked ten different people what the meaning of life is, you could get ten different answers.

After doing some journaling and self reflection I came to the conclusion that two of my biggest purposes in life were forming meaningful relationships and pursing my passions.

When we look at respected, successful people in our society we see that they have two major things going for them: a support system and the pursuit of their passion.

I began asking myself, what are my passions? How am I pursuing them? Am I keeping in mind my passions when I’m setting goals? Or am I simply letting my passions lay stagnant?

We all have passions that are waiting to be pursued. They want us to chase them and they want to be known and acknowledged.

I remember reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic in which she wrote about ideas buzzing around waiting to be snatched and acted upon. The universe is practically begging us to be creative and pursue the things that interest us!

Besides if I ignore my passions, then aren’t I technically ignoring my true self? How can I except myself to grow if I don’t even know who I am?

What are some of your passions and how are you pursuing them?