Kelsie Eldridge | Intentional Living Health & Wellness Coaching

Movement is Medicine. Food is Fuel. Sleep is Significant. Hydration is Vital.

What Is Intentional Living?

Have you ever thought of your body as a machine? The food we put into them becomes our fuel. The amount of rest we give them becomes our battery life. Our hydration habits keep us well-oiled. The amount of physical movement we perform determines our mental clarity and stamina.

When we mindlessly float through our lives, putting whatever into our bodies and moving them only when it is convenient, we feel average at best. But what if I told you the potential to live as your most authentic, best-self is already within you, just waiting for you to shake your bad habits and step fully into your power.

As a health coach, I will help you determine your exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. Together, through nutrition knowledge, exercise expertise, and lifestyle routines, we’ll discover what it means for you, as an individual, to be your most authentic self and live with intentions.